Thursday, 31 May 2007

So it begins...

I write my first blog post. Definitely not anything I've done before. Why? Well, I'm going to be relocating to Wellington in New Zealand near the end of August of this year for 12 months! In advance of that though I'm flying out next Wednesday for the month of June in advance of this. Anyway, I had this thought the other day that maybe I should consider having some sort of blog or something for while I'm down there for the 12 months. I left it at that until today at lunch time, a friend from work asked me if I was going to write a blog while away. Seems like a fairly decent way of trying to keep friends and family updated while I'm away so I thought, what the hell. I ended up creating my blog on as an Irish friend married to a swiss bloke keeps a blog on this site and I love reading it to know what she's up to... admittedly her entries nearly always make me laugh... suspect I won't be quite that amusing. English writing was never my strong point!!

In advance of my travels I took a picture with my camera phone the other day (camera been broken for months so no idea what I did to it that it took it upon itself to work again!). Once I realised the tempermental thing was temporarily working I grabbed a picture of my tree as i know i'm going to miss this alot while I'm away (particularly the reflection of the mountains in the glass!). I should explain that "my tree" is a piece of art by the Irish artist Michael Wann, that I "invested" in a few years back and which hangs on my living room wall. And which is shown here... as you can probably gather quality ain't great but hey it will do.

That's it then...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging.
I look forward to keeping track of you and your travels.