Sunday, 10 June 2007

{From Fri} Three Flights Down, One To Go…

Okay, so I know that it's Sunday but I wrote this on Fri and have now only got my laptop hooked up to network so we'll just go with the phrase "better late than never" :-)

I left home at 2.30pm on Wednesday afternoon. It’s now just gone 11am Friday kiwi time and they’re 11 hrs ahead of you guys back home. My flight to Wellington is at 1:30pm so 2.5 hrs here. It’s 15 degrees outside but there’s a bit of a wind. I know this as I walked across from the international terminal. Makes me think that Wellington will probably be a bit cooler and winder! No airline lounge for this wait so no internet so of course I can’t check weather online. Sure it just adds to the surprise and adventure of it all… honest!

The flight from KL was fine. Nothing eventful but didn’t really sleep as dozed a bit on first leg of flight. The flight attendants with Malaysian Airlines are so polite and helpful that it always makes long flights a bit more pleasant. I’m sure of course that flying business class made a difference too but even when I’ve flown toilet class I’ve always found the Asian airlines to be so much more pleasant to fly with!

They’ve done a bit of work with the domestic terminal here in Auckland since my last 3 hr wait here last May. Nice café with area in centre with sushi bar and a newsagents. There is of course a McDonalds but I suppose that’s to be expected. Don't get the wrong idea - nothing luxurious but compared to last year when there as nothing... Looking across at the Sunglass Hut and thinking hmm… winter here, maybe they have some nice shades on sale. Just might go investigate..

No idea when I’ll get to post this as my first two nights in Wellington are in a hotel before I move to my more luxurious environs (some of you will remember me saying how much I loved staying there last year. Honest!) Once I get to latter place I will get a wireless connection for duration of the stay but not sure if this hotel will have it available (at a cost that I could justifiably expense back to my employer seeing as I’m checking in on a Fri and out on a Sun). The thought of having to open my suitcase today and unpack to get clothes/shoes for 2 days and then repack for drive up road I something I’m trying to avoid the thought of! And brain is kinda fried now so will stop at this point. More over weekend.

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