Friday, 1 June 2007

I didn't go all woozy!!

Today I had to go for my medical for my NZ visa. This involved being asked lots of questions, being weighed, measured (height and waist?!), BMI calculation, family history etc. Oh and of curse the ubiquitous pee sample... I'd drunk plenty of water in advance so no troubles there :-) After that I headed off to the Mater Private for chest x-ray and then the dreaded blood tests. Yeah, I know it's only a needle in the arm but that needle had to stay in my arm for at least a whole 90-120 seconds as NZ visa requires an interesting range of blood tests to be performed. Now, I don't like needles. I go in and chat to nurse. I then feel I had better mention that I'm not good with needles to which she replies "that's okay, I am". Okay, she's got a sense of humour but I feel that I had better clarify that I'm not good with needles when they're sticking in to me, arm or anywhere else! I'm fine (relatively) while needle is penetrating my skin (plenty of deep breathing to get through pain... it works with physical therapist pain sessions so why not here?) but it's the bit afterwards. More specifically, I stand up and then I stop standing. Quickly. Legs kinda just buckle. So.... I was so pleased (and surprised) today when I stood up after removal of previously mentioned nasty needle and hey presto... nothing! I was fine. I walked tentatively back to collect x-ray film and still nothing. All sounds so trivial but this is big step for me... my body is finally accepting that having a wee needle in the arm is not a reason to have a hissy fit *after* needle removed! Well done me :-) And for all you other "woozy after needle" folk, just remember that there is hope after all!

Oh, and one last, totally unrelated thing. It's a glorious day here today. I arrive home to read email from friend in city to which I am shortly to depart to, informing me "
you are arriving just at the turn of the season. It was lovely up to yesterday, but today is absolutely nasty". One is not impressed. At all :-(


Tony said...


Though what is wrong with Livejournal I'll never know!!

Love your tree photo btw. *sad*

Valerie said...

ooooh am cross now.... wrote a lovely long post and it decided to delete it all on me...

and it was really amusing... yeah really....

Am looking forward to hearing all the news Aoife. Any chance you could stop by Wroughton on the way to the other side of the world?

BTW you'd best be back here for the 8th March next year or you'll be in trouble!!!

Would be great to have a chat before you disappear in August..

Catch up soon