Saturday, 23 June 2007

Of Flights and Afros

What a fun morning I had yesterday. Got confirmation from Dublin that the waitlist for my flight had come through so I would now fly back to Ireland on Sat 30th rather Weds 27th. I just needed to phone airline here to confirm change. So off I go to phone. Conversation goes something like this...
Me: "Hi yeah, I've just been told that the I've got to top of waitlist and my ticket has been changed to Sat 30th June. Was told I just need to ring to confirm"
Other End: Yes that's right. Auckland to KL and then to Frankfurt and on to Dublin.
Me: Oh. No. Well, I was Auckland to KL and then KL to Heathrow and then on to Dublin.
Other End:Well it's showing Frankfurt here.
Me: Oh. Well I guess that's okay, doesn't really matter.
Other End: It does matter. Your ticket will have to be reissued.
Me: Oh. Will there be charges for that?
Other End:
Other End: Where was your ticket issued?
Me: Ireland.
Other End: I can't get all the information that I require here to know if your ticket is allowed to be re-routed. Can you fax me a copy and we'll telex it to Dublin and they'll get back to us on Monday or Tues telling us if it can be re-routed.
Me: Oh. I see.
Other End: Yes and then you'll have to get it to our Auckland office so it can be re-issued.
Me: Oh. I'm in Wellington.
Other End: Your itinerary shows you're flying to Auckland on 27th. You can come in then.
Me: No, I'll be changing that part myself and will fly to Auckland on morning of 30th.
Other End: Oh right. Well if your ticket can be re-routed then if you courier it to us and we'll re-issue it and you can pick it up at airport.
Me: Oh, okay. I'll fax that to you then. So, I should ring you Monday to find out if it can be re-routed through Frankfurt.
Other End: Yes.
Me: OKay, thanks.

I go off and photocopy ticket and fax through. No confirmation receipt from fax machine but I have to rush to meeting... {based on stuff I did last year!}

After meeting still no fax receipt so I phone airline again to confirm that they got fax.

Me: Hi. Here's my booking number. I just want to confirm that you got fax that I sent through.
Other End: Yes here it is. We don't confirm receipt of these.
Me: That's fine, I just wasn't sure if it sent as no fax confirmation my end.
Other End: Oh that's fine then. Let me just see if I can get answer as to whether ticket can be re-routed for you. Can you hold?
Me: Yes.
Other End: No, I can't answer that for you. So you'll be in Auckland on 27th and you need to change route on ticket to Frankfurt instead of London.
Me: Em, well no I'll arrive in Auckland on 30th. My ticket was originally 27th. I didn't know that it was going to be re-routed through Frankfurt until I spoke to you earlier.
Other End: Oh! So it's a date change as well a route change?
Me: Eh, yes.
Other End: Well, you'll have to come in to Auckland office to pick up ticket
Me: Em, no.... I believe it can be arranged for me to pick up at airport?
Other End: Oh yes. But of course I can't be sure that your ticket can be routed through Frankfurt. Will need DUblin to answer that. That will be Mon evening or Tues.
Me: Oh! But.... Well, am I still on the flight for the 27th as well?
Other End: No. Your seat on that flight is gone.
Me: Oh! You mean that I could theoretically end up with no flight out?
Other End: Well, yes. But as it's a business class ticket I'm sure it will be okay. But we just have to wait for reply from Dublin before we re-issue.
Me: Oh. Well, okay then.

All a bit farcial really. Anyway, I was pretty sure Irish agent wouldn't have canceled without being sure that my ticket could be re-routed so I emailed and it can of course be for a €100 fee. So on Monday I post ticket up to Auckland (another "you'll have to come in to Auckland office ", "no, can you send it to airport for me to collect" conversation this morning!) and get it re-issued. Phew!

Went along to an "S and S" party last night. Kiwis in to dressing up. We'll ignore fact that one of the hosts is Irish :-) Some great costumes there - a smurf, sixties, seventies, SAS. We stayed for a few hours then headed back to anothers house for some wine and natter eventually leaving there just before 1am. Tucked up in bed by 1:30am. By 5:30am still waiting for sleep to arrive! Went out and bought some valarian tablets this avo!! And hit the Kathmandu sale :-))

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