Sunday, 10 June 2007

Owner of Vicious Dog Gets Cat

… yup. That was headline (or something else but that is general gist) of article in a Kiwi paper yesterday. I kid you not. The international section was a bit empty but this was in main section. You gotta love it :-)

So, after a 3 hr wait in Auckland followed by 50 min flight to Wellington I finally got to check in to my hotel at about 3:15 or so on Fri afternoon. It was lovely! Unfortunately I was only in there because the place that I’m now in was booked out because of France -v- All Blacks match on Sat night. Anyway, nipped out to get some fruit and soup for dinner. When I came back I made fatal (not required) mistake of showering and getting in to slouch clothes. About hour after that phone rang and was guys from office telling me where they were heading out for a drink. I so wouldn’t have gone (I had planned on going before flight but 36 hrs later wasn’t quite so enthusiastic!) except for the fact that they rang. My plan was to try and last an hour or two so headed over and met others at 6 getting myself a vodka. I did wonder if drinking on relatively empty stomach and while being v tired was such a hot idea but I wasn’t gonna last ten min s if I didn’t have something! Anyway, I greatly impressed myself by being relatively coherent until about 8:30! I mean I actually managed to hold some conversations and chat to others! However I then got to the “I have to eat and then sleep” point. It must have been somewhat noticeable as Marko looked over and asked if I was alright… I probably looked quite funny actually. Anyway I headed off at 9 and after food and watering I was in bed just after 10pm, or 11am Fri morning Irish time. So after getting up 8am Weds morning I got back to bed 51 hrs later! Ugh.

Sat was a glorious day here. Wonderfully sunny even if a bit nippy at times. And I saw more of the surrounding areas of Wellington in the space of 5 hrs on Sat than I did in the 2 months that I was here last year! It was really great getting driven around and seeing so much! And at one point I got to drive through some water and up twisty dirt track road in 4wd. So okay it only lasted 5-10 mins but was fun anyway :-)

I think that during daytime my time zone is now somewhere in GMT+8hrs (so only another 3 hrs to go!) but during night I have no idea where I am! Today’s been long day… gave up pretending I was sleeping at 6am after having been awake for well over an hour at that point! Tonight I have to make it to 9 as full day in office tomorrow. Oh, I did something I’ve never voluntarily done before.. I went to see a Woody Allen movie! “Scoop” with Scarlett Johannssen and Hugh Jackman. Have to admit I’m not really a Woody Allen fan (that’s polite way of putting it) but chose that movie as was earliest start (had checked out of first hotel and couldn’t yet check in to this place!). Anyway I have to say that I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it - definitely some v funny moments in it!

Speaking of checking out/in of hotels did I mention that I had to go through the repacking pain this morning! To get clothes to wear on Fri evening/yest/today I had to rummage through suitcase. Consequently to get everything in to case and close it this morning I had to empty case and repack from start. Not as traumatic as I thought it might be, but fun it wasn’t! Not recommended folks!

Right, I think my lack of sleep is showing in this entry so what‘s it for now! Oh, unfortunately there’ll be no more photos for my entries while I’m here as the only way that I can send texts (I’ve been taking pictures on phone) is using web text so won’t be able to get pics off phone on to laptop for posting. Sigh.. Hope lack of pics won’t put anybody off :-)


Gizmo said...

51 hours without sleep, eek, not sure even I could do that

eefa said...

Yes, very un-eefa like don't you think :-)