Friday, 15 June 2007

Thank Crunchie...

It's Friday lunch and I'm so glad it's Friday. Not that it's been a bad week but it has been a full (during day anyway) week with so much new stuff. Nipped in to Parsons at lunch time today. Parsons is this cool book and music (great selection of clasical recordings) on Lambton Quay that I felt obliged to give lots of money to on my last visit here. I'm impressed with myself that I've managed to hold off for almost a week before visiting! Not sure if I've mentioned this before but books are really expensive here in NZ. This is a bit of a downer for people like myself.. but on the upside CDs ain't badly priced at all. Left Parsons with one book (in bargain bin for $5 :-) ) but no CDs. Which probably is no bad thing after internal flights, coat and sweater purchase earlier in the week :-)

Oh, and for anybody who was wondering, the above is photo I took on last visit of my accommodation here in Wellington. I'm in same style of room this year except for the fact that it's noticeably smaller, I didn't get a coffee plunger in kitchen or a scissors or a sharp knife for preparing veg(?!)

Heading down to Christchurch this evening for the weekend and so looking forward to that. Apparently there's some wine and nibbles here this at about 4 this avo which is good as not overly alert workwise today! Excellent :-)

Oh, one last thing... installed skype on illitely obtained laptop in office so for any skype users out there my username is eefajk. Of course can't actually guarantee that I'll always be able to chat but like to think that 'twill be possible some times!

And that's all for now folks. Have a good weekend!

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