Wednesday, 13 June 2007

There's a moral in here somewhere....

As New Zealand is not currently experiencing any "hottest day of the year" days (thanks Paul for that comment on Yawn) I decided to nip out at lunchtime today to get a jacket more suitable for winter. And picked up a sweater along the way. I arrive back in office with one small bag (containing aforementioned sweater) and one large bag containing the heavy winter jacket. I see manager eyeing it up... "typical woman" is probably something along the lines of what he's thinking. I refrain from shouting "I'm bloody freezing" and so just smile.

At 4:30 I decide to leave office for the day and take back document to current luxurious abode to finish off as less distractions around. I have no qualms doing this as a) I actually started work at 8am and b) I'm planning to continue reading for another half hour or so back here. So I head off up The Terrace with my reading material, small bag and large bag. Who do I bump in to? The COO! Who's based in Ireland. He's only here for 3 days. In fact he only landed this avo. I couldn't believe it.. he's as friendly as ever asking how I'm settling in but I know he can't help it... he's looking at the bags. I'm screaming in my head "This isn't what it looks like Paddy. Honest! I'm not dossing off! I'm going home to work. I've been at work since 8am." Instead I answer his question with "Oh, I'm grand. Just heading back to my luxurious accommodation with some reading" (okay I paraphrased that last bit). So, bit of further chit chat, when did you land, will I be in office tomorrow etc etc. And all I can think as I walk away is "why did I buy coat today??" Oh well, c'est la vie... At least I'll be warm when I'm walking in to office in the morning :-)

The moral of the story? If you're going to purchase necessary warm clothing during you lunch hour then either a) don't leave work at what *appears* to be earlier than normal and/or b) ensure no senior management of company you work for are in town! Oh... and keep warm :-)

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Mormoltier said...

Its more proof of Murphys Law. Its the same law that says you'll only bump into a man you fancy when you've contracted a flu that can only be compared to some tropical disease resulting in spots and lanky hair.