Monday, 25 June 2007

Ugh... I'm being punished

Yeah yeah yeah - I know i was crowing yesterday about how great the weather was. Not warm, but lovely and sunny out. Well, believe you me, it ain't like that today. It rained. Alot. It was heavy (I know I had to go to post office twice in it!). Oh, and it's cold. Very.
Snippet of email sent around in office today -

Go Home Now If You Live Over The Rimutakas - Police Agency Story at 2:42 pm, 25 Jun 2007

People intending to travel over the Rimutaka Hill Road between Wellington and Wairarapa are being warned that they should start their journey as soon as possible.

Snow is predicted on the road on Monday evening, and police say it is likely to be closed.

Snow down to 200m in Wellington is also forecast for Monday night as part of the cold front moving up the country.

The front has sent temperatures plummeting in Canterbury, where the windchill factor this afternoon is expected to be minus 10 degrees.

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