Sunday, 17 June 2007

Weekend snippets....

On a 35 minute flight from Wellington to Christchurch on Fri evening every passenger got offered a glass of spring water and a biscuit. Coming from the land of flying on the cheap I found this so refreshing! That and the fact that I could get to the airport in less than 30 mins on a bus helped as well!

Christchurch was freezing. Technically I may be incorrect on that but as far as I was concerned it was bloody cold. At one point on Fri evening I was wearing string top, merino wool icebreaker, fleece and wool cardigan over that! Thank God Karen and Kaye's house has log burner... I became attached :-)

The Cairn terriors Maggie and Fergus are really cute, and have definitely landed on their paws in that household! Maggie is the older of the two more of a guard dog for sure than Fergus. She's rather fond of standing on window ledge in front room to see what's going on out in the street :-) Fergus just chills... why bother sussing out noises when Mags will take care of that for him! Walking them on the beach was great fun and watching Maggie race after her tennis ball was fantastic. She just bombed along. Fergus just kinda waited around, though if there was another dog about then he was off to say hi! Someone his size probably should learn a little wariness however :-) Oh, did you know that male pups don't cock their legs when they're weeing! It was so funny watching - he would squat like Maggie but he's at the stage where he now half lifts his leg while trying to squat!! Bless, I'm sure he'll get there in the end.

On Sat afternoon we headed in to centre of Sth New Brighton for a glass of wine in a lovely place called H&H. I liked this place for 2 reasons - the wine wasn't bad, but even better, it was yummy and warm :-) We got table right in front of the fire and just sat and chilled while being snugly warm. Why, oh why, is the concept of housing insulation only hitting here NOW?!!

Bit drizzly on my return to Welly but while it's not warm here it is warm*er* than Christchurch and now snuggled up against my plug in heater!

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