Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Ugh... 4am wakeup call this morning. Yest morning slept until 7 and if you ignore the wakeup at midnight and the couple of hours awake during the night you could call that a full nights sleep. I have to look on the positive side here! Needless to say totally shattered today so fingers crossed for tonight!

So, day 2 of new job done. And well, it's hard. Going to be very different role to what I've done before so there's that along with needing to get basic understanding of a few of our products, then customer business and then customisations that have been put in place on-site for the customer. And then I've been give couple of pieces of work that one of the senior analysts (I'll be doing analysis as well) there was telling are just hard as well and require understanding of rest of solution. Ah right... Definitely looking forward to it all but wary as well...

Yesterday got introduced to a lovely little restaurant called for Beaujolais, which you might conclude from name is a wine bar as well. In fairness it was a working lunch... at least until the food arrived :-) Had a lovely bottle of syrah between the 3 of us. I'm totally not used to drinking during they day... especially a working Mon! But I was a tad out of it with tiredness so a glass of wine didn't make any noticeable difference :-)

Oh have I mentioned that it's cold now. Very cold. Office is weird - warm in morning. By early afternoon it starts to cool down a bit and by late afternoon it's bloody freezing! And of course when I'm sitting still I get colder as well... for some reason my manager down here thinks that's hilarious?!!

Thanks for all the comments and emails since I got here btw... it's lovely to hear from friends when I'm away :-)


Paul said...

Hottest day of the year here yesterday. heh ;)

Gizmo said...

So glad you are looking forward to the work, it is only right that you are wary.

eefa said...

Thanks Paul I appreciate the weather update... says she after having bought warmer jacket at lunchtime today!