Monday, 2 July 2007

The journey back...

  • Up at 7am kiwi time Sat morning for taxi to Welly airport.
  • Flight departs 5-10 mins late at 09:10am.
  • In lounge in Auckland by 10:30pm.
  • Board flight to KL about 11:30am.
  • Chat to girl beside me for while - she had hangover and I was just exhausted :-)
  • Arrive KL about 11.5 hrs later I believe around 8pm KL time which would be about midnight Kiwi time.
  • Get to lounge. Shower. Doze. Leg it to plane after dozing off in lounge... amazing how all those boarding announcements all start to sound the same!
  • Take off from KL at about midnight KL time (4am sun morning kiwi time)
  • Sleep for while. Doze for while.
  • Arrive in Frankfurt a little under 13 hrs later, disembarking at 6:45am Sun German time (which is 4:45pm Sun afternoon kiwi time, which is, eh, 2:45pm sun afternoon, and em... oh God, to hard to do all the times everywhere!).
    • Frankfurt very very very boring airport.
    • Frankfurt airport minimal direction signs.
    • Frankfurt airport... don't like.
  • 10:50am departure from Frankfurt becomes 13:20 departure (12:20 Irish time) as that normally *very* reliable little propeller engine thingie is not behaving.
  • Arrive in Ireland at about 14:05 Sunday Irish time (01:05am Mon morning kiwi time).
  • Disembark 14:15 as that normally *very* reliable little propeller engine thingie is still not behaving very well. But hey I'm home and technical fault isn't anybody's problem so what the hell.
  • Go to wait for luggage. As time progresses compose less than friendly letters in head to Aer Lingus. Time passes. Put on iPod to try and refrain from losing temper. Think to myself, how can i travel for nearly 40 hrs and stay relatively relaxed and then I get back to Ireland where I'm hit with super efficiency of baggage handlers.
  • Wait approximately 40 minutes before any Frankfurt luggage appears on belt.
  • 5-10 mins later collect luggage and walk out to arrivals.
  • Spend prob nearly 20 mins as Dad tries to get us out of airport as traffic is nuts.

Get home, unpack and potter in effort to stay awake
Asleep by 8:30pm.
Suspect parents won't offer to collect me from airport again!!