Sunday, 22 July 2007

Suitcases and cleaning...

I had sudden realisation on walk to Dart station on Thurs evening that 4 weeks from that day I'd be at my cousins wedding and 5 weeks from that time I'd actually be getting up soon to head in to work... in Wellington. I'm flying tomorrow 4 weeks, though unfortunately I'm flying through Los Angeles :-( From what I've been told, the US stringent (I'm refraining from use of harsher words here) security laws are that even in-transit passengers have to go through their security checks. I mean I know that I was in NY in March on holidays but I don't like the idea that they have my finger prints on record or that they take iris scan. I don't subscribe to any conspiracy theories or anything like that but, well, I guess I'd be more comfortable if they didn't stuff about me on record!

There is an advantage to flying with Air New Zealand though... I get to use my business class weight allowance through to Wellington instead of it stopping at Auckland which is what has happened the other times I've flown over. So of course those times I had to limit my luggage to 20kg. And, it gets better... the business class weight allowance with Air NZ is two pieces of luggage of up to 32kg... each! Of course I have no intention of going anywhere near that - I'm just pleased with the two pieces of luggage, though neither will be over 20kg let along 32 kg!

So, I have to move out of my home in 2 weeks. We have a bank holiday in Ireland the weekend of the 4th/5th August and I have a tenant moving in on the 5th. I'll be taking the previous Thurs and Fri off work as not only do I have to move my personal belongings out but I also of course have to clean the place! I'm not an overly dirty person but let's just say that I don't spend every weekend scrubbing the place from top to bottom either so I expect to be spending some time on this cleaning. Luckily Mum is going to help out here ("you Dublin girls" was a friend reaction when I mentioned this!)

Diary is fast filling up with dinners, lunches, packing days, moving days... it's weird! What's weirder is the thought that in five weeks I won't be here at all. And that it'll be over a year from now before I'm living in my own apartment with my own stuff again. But I'm excited about my impending move nonetheless... all I need now is for my visa to arrive!

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Looking forward to catching up with you in Dublin