Wednesday, 22 August 2007

20th Aug...Been and gone...

After what seems like months of "yeah, I'm leaving on the 20th Aug" the 20th Aug has been and gone. For so long that date seemed like some unreachable point in the future while all the time it was slowly creeping up on me and well now, here I am, back in Wellington again.

I had a somewhat blutterflys in stomach Sunday and Sunday night before leaving house at 8am to get the new Pattonflyer coach to the airport from Blackrock. Don't know if anybody has used this yet but it's fab... I was at the airport in under 30 mins! It uses port tunnel which I guess accounts for speed of journey but it costs the same as the AirCoach so seems like a bargain to me!

The journey was long but uneventful. I mean, uneventful if you ignore the fact that I wanted to belt the child beside me in the lounge in Heathrow who spent 30 mins spinning a coin on a glass top table. You know when you get that slowly building up feeling where you feel like you slowly need to scream? Well that was me. The only reason I didn't move was that there were v. few couches (as opposed to armchairs) in the lounge and i was sprawled out on my couch and wanted to stay that way. Luckily his brother decided to inform him that it the noise was indeed a little irritating :-)

I haven't flown business class with Air New Zealand before and I have to admit that the seat setup is quite nice! They're more like pods that are angled in to the aisle so that every seat/pod has direct aisle access - no stepping over anybody. When you sit right back nobody can see you either which is kinda nice. There's the armchair seat part and the ottoman/mini seat across from you that you can put your feet on. When you need to go for a kip the armchair part folds out to meet the ottoman so you get a flat bed. Very nice... and also a little hard! But it was lovely and the food was really good too. As flight stopped for a couple of hours in LAX for refueling we all had to disembark and go through passport control with our US visa waiver forms (!!!) to spend duration waiting in a transit lounge. Not fun but it was grand. The fun part of the journey was saved for the end....

My flight was due to arrive in Auckland at 5:15am and I was booked on to the 7am flight to Wellington. I was thinking to myself that this wasn't alot of time to go through passport control, collect luggage, go through bio control where of course I'd have to dig out my hiking boots to show they were clean, and get to transit check in before 6am. Obviously you can check in after 6am but in that case you have to get your luggage over to the domestic terminal yourself. Anyway, my flight had been an hour late leaving Heathrow and so delayed out of LAX but we did make up time in air later and plane was on ground by 5:20am. Off I get and I promptly set into "walking with a purpose" mode. Through passport control no problems (apart from dodgy irish imitation accent of friendly passport control officer). Now to luggage. After a while the belt starts. I'm thinking, great, my luggage will be off first as I was business class. Belt goes around. People start taking luggage off. More luggage. Belt stops. Little delay. Belt restarts. More luggage... tum te tum... oh look it's 5:55am... more luggage. Oh, my bag suitcase, great. Grab that. Wait for my other case. Eventually it turns up. Next bio security queue... open two suitcases trying to find hiking boots - "they're clean honest" doesn't cut it, they have to be viewed. X-ray luggage. Get around to transit checkin at 6:10am. Get to desk. She goes through tickets bla bla bla and then comes up with "you'll have to take your luggage over to the domestic terminal yourself" to which I respond "am I going to catch the flight?" to which she responds "hmm... you'll need to hurry". No shit sherlock! There is a transit bus but only runs every 10 mins. So we now have the fantatsic site of somebody who has spent 2 days sitting on their arse on a plane suddenly running while pushing a trolley with two rather full suitcases between terminals... in the dark! I'm not a fit person at the best of times so let's just say that I made it but it wasn't a pretty site :-)

And that's about it really. Lift from airport in Wellington which was great, checked in to my favourite Welly accommodation (that's irony for those of you who don't know of the history of my first stay here) as before, and well that's it for now!

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