Friday, 10 August 2007

Food, food and more food!

Hit another "preparing to leave for NZ" milestone today; it was my last day in the office here in Dublin. I'm off next week though I can't believe how busy the week already is. All I'd really like is a few days of having to do nothing - no packing, no sorting, no nothing!

On the upside I had two very enjoyable evenings this week where I was out with different groups of friends for going away dinners. Last night I was out with 5 friends from work for a very filling and equally very tasty meal in Montys. And it was such a lovely novelty to be sitting opposite another vegetarian... I got to taste some of her main course as well as my own. Yum!!

And earlier in the week it was Milanos where we ate in a rather chilly Milanos... they sat us under the air conditioning vent. I believe I was halfway through my pizza (Fiorentina if you're interested) before I took my coat off! I was presented with a really beautiful silver torc style bracelet. The artist/jeweller is, I think, John Mckenna (apologies if I have that wrong!). Whenever I wear it I have people asking to try it on and asking where I go it. Had I working camera I would take picture to post... but I don't so you'll have to trust me.

And I'm afraid I'm actually too tired now to make this anymore interesting to read so that's it for now :-)

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