Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Music and Wine

Longest afternoon ever today... at one point when I looked at clock and saw that it was 3pm I was genuinely taken aback that it was still so early. Not necessarily a bad day but definitely a long one. I guess that's what happens when you get hunger attack in the morning and have to go for lunch at 12:20 (I haven't succumbed to snack machine yet)!! Of course then eating that lunch (rather good falafel wrap for those of you interested) at desk while filling out numerous customs forms for my shipped goods probably didn't help.

I managed to do a mini-raid on a friend's CD collection yesterday evening (after a couple of glasses of rather nice Kim Crawford Pinot Noir in bar with work folk) which was much needed as I only managed to fit 3 CDs in to my suitcases... the other 97 or so are in shipped goods. While I wait to meet others before heading out to dinner I'm taking advantage of the time to listen to some of this music now; have very beautiful "Pilgrimate to Santiago" playing at the moment. For anybody interested it's John Eliot Gardiner conducting the Monterverdi Choir...

Well I must head off now... I'll be sure to let you know if wine with dinner is good :-)

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elhamisabel said...

Oh, I know those days. They drag on forever. The clock seems to have stuck on days like that, don't you think?

3 CDs? No wonder you had to get some more. ;-)