Sunday, 26 August 2007

Not too exciting I'm afraid!

I guess I should apologise to any of you who are expecting to read here about the exciting activities that I got up to on my first weekend in Wellington (on this visit!)... not this weekend I'm afraid! Once I'm over the jetlag I'm sure, or at least I hope(!), I'll have something a little more of interest to report :-)

Yesterday was enjoyable enough with brunch with and then walking between different furniture stores. She needs to get herself some furniture for her new place so it was decided that either bed or sofabed needs to be one of her first essential purchases. It's great; the gir's as fussy as me when it comes to choosing a mattress! I shouldn't laugh of course as if I am lucky enough to find a bright, furnished, 2 br apartment in central wellington within my budget, the chances are I'll probably have to buy my own mattress as well... I mean the chances of getting a decent mattress in a rental property are slim (unless you're renting my home in Bray of course!). But I found a furniture shop with great bookshelves so I'm hopeful that maybe, 5 years after purchsing my own home, I may buy a bookshelf.. pity it's in Wellington and not Bray :-)

Before we finished up at the end of the evening I introduced the Ms. Furniture Shopper to a rather nice little patisserie on Cuba St where we purchased a little cake each for munching on at a later stage. I got a rather scrumptious citron tarte that was enjoyed with a nice glass of One Tree pinot noir... I did plan to put a piccie in of said citron tarte but to be honest it didn't look particularly appetizing... so I decided not to. You'll just have to use your imaginations!

Oh I joined the library here yesterday. You can take out as many books as you'd like for up to 4 weeks! Unfortunately "bestsellers" can be only taken out for a week and have a fee associated with them! Weird...

Today has been less than eventful. Charging through my book (Die Trying by Lee Child), supermarket shop (bran muffin purchase required!), natter with Eamonn, listen to last episode of The Tao of Bergerac while dozing and now I think I'll go back to my book...

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