Friday, 24 August 2007

Wind, view and instant coffee

Bit windy out there today. I can tell this without having gone out at this point based on the tree across the road from my window. While I'm in the same place as my last two visits here I'm on the other side of the building. Whereas before I had this view

on this visit I'm getting

That's the Radio New Zealand building across the road from me there; not a particularly interesting building I admit but just thought I'd mention it as I'm currently listening to a performance of Karl Jenkins' Requiem on Radio New Zealand.

I'm actally writing this as I'm waiting to meet up with a colleague who's also relocated here. She's found herself an apartment so I said I'd tag along as she does some furniture shopping. We were meant to meet at 11am but she had a bit of a late night so it's 11:30 now :-) I didn't make it along last night - couldn't be doing with that talking to people thing when I was so tired! Anyway the bit of a delay does make me grateful that I had my less than tasty instant coffee this morning... I really must buy a coffee pot today!

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