Thursday, 13 September 2007

An abode... at last!

It seems that I may, finally, have got somewhere to live! I decided on Tues morning that I'd put in a tenancy application for a 1 bedroom apartment that I'd seen the previous Wednesday. As it's only 1 bedroom and not quite as central as I wanted (then again in Wellington that just means it's maybe 10 min longer walk in to centre of town) I decided to go for a short lease. I rang Tues morning and amazingly it was still available. I was told 6 months was shortest lease duration so I put that on my app. Got call on Weds and was told that as they were looking for someone to take over an existing fixed term lease, I'd have to take it until at least June 15th. Wasn't sure about that so said I'd think about it. Decided that they might be chancing their arm so called back and said no, I was only interested in 6 month lease. But no budging. Left it at that. The stress mounted. Hummed and hawed a bit more and then realised, you know what, I just need somewhere to live. I need to be able to remove the pressure of flat hunting as there's enough pressure in work thank you very much. So phoned them back and have taken it until next August (didn't see point in having a lease that finished 2 months before my contract here finishes up). So, I get keys next Fri! It's about a 3 mins walk to the office (literally!) with a coffee and wine shop downstairs. Very coool! It is a lovely building; I refer to it as the Suffragette Building but it is in fact known as the Kate Sheppard Building. Balcony looks across to the Beehive (Kiwi parliament) which is a nice feature and all. And a great kitchen (for all those gourmet meals I'll be whipping up :-) )

Have had a somewhat busy week. Had to produce my first doc for customer today which needs to be sent to the team an hour before going to the customer (eh, like anybody is going to read a 20 page doc and get comments back to me and have me make changes in 60 mins!). In fairness I've started early most mornings this week and worked last night but I was getting wary at myself this morning as not feeling as pressured as I felt I should! Needless to say by lunchtime that was gone and I just had to shut everything out for the afternoon. Honest to God, I felt like I was back in Uni trying to meet an assignment deadline. Head pounding at the end of it all. Do not like leaving things to last minute like this (not that I left work to last minute!) at all. Could soooo do with a glass of wine tonight but no point opening bottle as off to Taupo tomorrow evening for the weekend. I'm sure I can wait :-)

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Lemonjelly said...

Congrats eefs... photos pending one presumes? ;-) Enjoy weekend...