Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Catch up!

Ye Gads, many apologies for the quietness of late... this is literally the first chance that I've had to post since my last posting! Everything is great here but have just been so busy with work and I was up in Taupo for the weekend (long drive Fri night) getting back Sun night at which point I put a wash on and crashed. And out last night and will be out tomorrow and Thurs night so using my night "off" to catch up on, well, as much as I can!

So, eh, where did I leave off? Apartment... Well I'll be collecting the keys on Thurs at 4pm but can't move in until on Fri. Which is fine and I'm taking Fri off to do just that; though admittedly it took me a while to get over the "I just don't have time to take the day off" feeling. I am very busy at work and delivering my first doc to customer last Thurs, was like being back at university! Totally ridiculous.

So Taupo. A number of the FINEOS guys and two ACC guys were taking part in what is apparently the biggest mountain biking event in the world. It's a 12 hr event and you can enter in teams and so ride relay or you can do the whole thing solo (which one of the ACC guys did!). Myself and another Fineos girl and then the partners of some of the other riders all went along to support... from the confines of a beauty salon of course :-) Actually I think we did all make it up to the event at some point during the day to show some support! In fact, I stood outside the motel in my pyjamas at 8:30 that morning to see them off. And of course to bring some class to the place. What you should understand is that there was NO traffic outside motel and that it's actually very common to wander around in your pyjamas (not that I have ANY intention of making it common practice on my part) so I didn't really stand out. And I wanted to get some photos! I found a CD shop that had a huge selection of CDs on sale for $10 each!! So I bought 4. Currently listening to one of them which is Nina Simone - released. It does contain songs when she was at her more militant stage in life but still great. On the Sun we all went for brunch in this fantastic cafe just outside Taupo. It's also an art/jewellery gallery so it had a really funky feel to it.. the tables were mosaic and really beautiful. And the food... well I can honestly say that I had the best salmon eggs florentine/??? (whatever is name for poached eggs with salmon and hollandaise sauce) ever. The eggs and salmon were served on a really tasty home made potato cake and the hollandaise sauce was advertised as "wasabi hollandaise" which did make me slightly wary but oh my god, it was to die for! And I did buy some art... but only $350 as opposed to my previous purchases so I'm quite chuffed. Haven't unwrapped it as I'm moving on Fri so no point. Anyway, this is a picture of Cathal's moccachino, just to try and give you an idea of cool this place was.

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You didn't tell us about the fish - I can see it's a fish... everyone will be wondering :-)