Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Rugby, TV and stuff

For a non-rugby fan like I am, I have still haven't figured out why it is that I stayed out until 2am watching the All Blacks tramp over Italy on Sat night (well it was night time down here NZ), especially as I was absolutely exhausted! Well I guess I do know... it was a social event and it was great fun and I actually never intended to stay to the start of the match let alone the end of it :-) I found out the next morning that the night went on until 4:30am or so and I missed out on champagne! Damn... but I'll get over it.

Very busy week this week at work this (and probably the next few) so I'm not even viewing properties at the moment... I just don't have the time. I have submitted a tenancy application for a 1 bedroom place that I saw last Wednesday and I guess I'd hoped that I'd hear something today (seeing as I faxed application at 9am!) but nothing by end of day. Hopefully tomorrow. It would be so great to have something sorted before I go away for the weekend.

Just realised that tonight is my first night in front of box since last Fri! Pity there's f*** all on (sorry 'bout the language folks :-) ) Kiwi TV is totally dire... rubbish. Have a DVD that a friend lent me but not feeling in mood to watch a movie now. I could do with an early night so I guess I'll find some rubbish to watch!

It's got really quite nippy here now (it was the cold that woke me up at 6am this morning!) but at lunch time it was lovely and sunny so I got my falafel wrap from Daniels (there's a whole other other around the lovely Asian staff in there who try to speak Irish when you come in :-) ) and went and sat in a beautiful old graveyard behind the office in the sun. It was lovely.

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LOL! so bad we gave up thee TV over three years ago. Never looked back. However, these guys may be your friend: