Sunday, 23 September 2007

Mad Dogs and well, Italian Women...

{I wrote this last night but no broadband yet so posting now on Sun morning... oh and no dogs in this post, but the phrase "Mad Dogs and English Men" came to me thinking about this :-) }

Well, guess this will be my first evening/night in new place. Have to admit I hate first nights anywhere, especially when I'm committed to it for 11 months! I've no phone or internet set up and only basic TV so best I can do is write this now but not post until tomorrow or Mon :-) It was a beautiful day here today as was yesterday so I spent most of yesterday walking up and down The Terrace with my stuff. What I did discover (had suspected but this was confirmed) was that this apartment doesn't get sun coming in at any point in the day which is a pity. Sun never even hits the balcony… always in shadow. I guess the advantage is that it shouldn't get too hot in summer but will be a bit nippy in the winter! Even this evening… But don't think it will bother me too much.

Not sure that I've had a Sat night in since my first Sat here in Wellington… feel a bit at a loss! Then again, I have just opened a rather nice bottle of Pinot Noir so one can't help feeling that I'll be ok. First guests arrive in the middle of Nov so really looking forward to that though will need to get my hands on a air mattress before that. Must get a DVD player tomorrow too as well actually… Get back to working my way trough my Morse DVD box set… which will be all the more enjoyable as there's a fellow fan here in Wellington too :-) And re-watching Pride & Prejudice as well… it's great!!

Was out for dinner on Thurs night at this lovely little Italian restaurant and while the wine not necessarily the best (put that down to subjective taste rather than wine quality) the food was fantastic. I had the most amazing starter of snapper and tuna with bread. It was in this seriously tasty sauce.. I was mopping up the sauce with the bread! And the pasta, well, it was just beautiful. Obviously freshly made on the premises. Gorgeous stuff. When we were leaving this Italian woman who I think is the owner was asking us how our meal was. We said lovely and she then proceeded to confirm that we were Irish before launching in to some bizarre monologue (well she did pause for us to say something every now and then but was seriously struggling to follow what she was on about) about the English. I think she worked in a restaurant (in Italy) at one point where they would spit in food if ordered by English?! And there was some rant about the English buying up land from the Italians after the war… apparently the Italians did too but don't think they spit in food ordered by Americans. And then there was talk about the mafia… oh that preceeded the spitting in food story. Was all very very very weird… albeit a bit amusing! Have to be honest though and say that I didn't tell tell her that not only do I not feel the need to spit in food ordered by English people but that I have a quite a few English friends!

Well, that's it for now then. Guess I'll be updating at some point on how I'm getting on here (hoping that the fact that the outdoor section of my new local is, well, literally underneath the apartment :-(

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