Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Yes Yes I know....

I know I haven't written much the last few days (well haven't written anything actually!) but well, having a bit of motivation trouble! Not with general stuff just with writing! I find unless I write about something immediately afterwards then not best suited for writing at a later point. So I'll try for a brief synopsis!
  • Had a great weekend.
  • Work on Monday.
  • It's Tuesday evening now.

Sorry, let me try again...
I did have a lovely weekend. Met a friend and went to this lovely cafe in the Aro valley which I hadn't ventured as far as before and had a really great brekkie. Fab scrambled eggs (they definitely tasted too tasty to be have been healthy!) with basil roasted tomatoes and gorgeous toasted sourdough bread with the biggest triangle of butter you've ever seen :-) Then headed up to Mt Kao Kao (which was a short walk once off train) and then along the Skyline Ridge. It was windy up there. Very windy. I don't mean a gentle breeze. I mean leaning in to and not falling over wind. It was great... gave new meaning to the phrase "windswept look" :-) Afternoon and evening consisted of more food, roibos tea and wine... and talk. All very relaxed.
Sunday was more brunch (nowhere near as tasty), visit to library (am now reading one of the books I took out and not The Windup Bird Chronicle... mention that for the benefit of those people who have asked me how I'm getting on with that particular book), movie in afternoon (Sky Movies, not cinema) and then relaxing evening of chat, a tentative taste of blue cheese and a hilarious episode of Blackadder.

Went to see the Bourne Supremacy (or whichever one it is thats in cinema at the moment) last night. Quite ridiculous but as a result really very enjoyable. At least it's enjoyable so long as you go in expecting ridiculous! The cinema here is one I haven't been to before and it's absalutely beautiful. Wonderful tiled walls, one big auditorium with fabulous ceiling. Bar area with big comfy couches and armchairs outside for lounging in before the movie... a very chilled and relaxing evening :-)

On the flat hunting front... well I'm not having much joy. Have looked at 4 places but only 2 seriously really and of those only 1 had me wondering if I'd take it. But can't get my head around the fact that the big house next door looks seriously seedy and I can imagine lots of noisy student parties there. Flat itself is own door with three studio units underneath it. They have Asian students in them which apparently means there'd be no noise. But well, flat itself is fine but something not sitting quite right for me. Will try to view a few more places (which is difficult when there's v littled listed) before making any decisions.

And this evening I have nothing planned. The sort of day where I could have really done with a glass of wine at the end of it all but the weather is so seriously pissy out there that there was no way I was taking any diversions on the route home! Herbal tea will have to do instead :-)


Anonymous said...

Tea is good. Too much wine is your posts.

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Anonymous said...

Ahem, wondering which of you has had too much wine!

Anonymous said...

The weekend sounds fab, oooh I've such a longing for scambled egg now. Cinema sounds wonderful, and I think you are right about the flat. You kinda need the instant "WOW" factor, or at least the "not wrinkling up your nose" factor