Friday, 19 October 2007

Abridged version of my week (in no particular order)

  • Work.
  • Kristen Hirsh gig with some of the guys after work. The warm up band (two-thirds of duo) were pretty good actually though I was informed that by liking them I was only one step away from liking auth country! Kristen Hirsh in a totally different game though. Angry/harsh but great guitar playing!
  • Work.
  • Booked Four Seasons for Sydney visit in a few weeks. Then cancelled and rebooked on hotel site itself as cheaper than intermediary site.
  • Worked on making friends jealous by sending on link to accommodation on Aitutaki (Cook Islands) for Dec/Jan holiday.
  • Some more work.
  • Watched Pride & Prejudice the movie (again). No, Keira Knightly is not a more spirited Lizzie than Jennifer Ehle in my view though Jane is definitely less insipid!
  • Meeting.
  • Went to first tango lesson... apparently the bloke's job is to totally take over the woman's space and her job is to move her feet fast enough. Eh... right!
  • Another meeting.
  • Got bit stressed at work. See above.
  • Got sent on article that says that swearing at work can help reduce stress... Personally, all I can is that I've been trying it for years and it *doesn't* work!
  • Skipped moutaineering club as needed night off to do my ironing (exciting stuff I know!)
  • Booked return flight from Christchurch after Christmas to allow enough time back in Wellington for washing and sorting of summer clothing before heading off to The Cook Islands.
  • Didn't bother with second pilates class as first was pretty rubbish.

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