Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Moving Away from the Dark Side...

I'm still here. And now that I've just gone and ordered my new MacBook I have a major driver to get my arse in gear and get a broadband connection set up at home.

For those of you who know some of the folk down here in the NZ office I would like to point out that the decision to buy a MacBook is mine. And mine alone. I have not been influenced by the fact that I am surrounded by a serious number of Apple fans. I am not, and will not become one of those people who has to buy the latest Apple iPod Nano or iPod Touch just because, well just because it's new and looks good... although the iPod Touch does have some funky new features admittedly. Honest. I promise! The fact that there a serious number of Apple fans here (at least one of whom should probably be earning commission from Apple for converting the others) may have been the reason why I was in an Apple reseller store on Sat.. and how I ended up playing with a MacBook and thinking that it was really quite beautiful and fun. I would have gone down to store today to purchase (I've been informed that walking out of that store with your purchase is a great feeling) but they're out of stock. So I've ordered online.

I headed out to Dick Smith at lunch time to try to decide whether I would be happy with the white or if I wanted to pay the Black Tax to get the black one. But to be honest, I prefer the white... so I guess I've saved myself the cost of my, as yet to be purchased, thermarest. Anyway, all the apples are off on their 5 year lunch so there's nobody here to get all excited over my order. Then again I think that suits me fine as I almost, but not quite, feel bad that I can't muster up the same excitement over Apple products that these guys do. Then again... I am looking forward to the arrival of my new MacBook :-)


Anonymous said...

Im jealous,
I want a mac but puma wont let me...something about processors and ya-de-ya-de-ya.
a macless marmot

eefa said...

Puma mean cat!! I can put him in touch with somebody however who I really believe could change Puma's mind if you wish :-) My MacBook is niiice... Finally got broadband at home up last night but won't get to set up until Tues night as Tango last night and off to Sydney today and not back to v late Mon night. But then again, I do get Sydney for long weekend :-)