Saturday, 17 November 2007

Burnt feet!

Well, maybe it does get warm in Wellington after all! My feet got sunburnt today... bit surprising. I have two friends up visiting from Christchurch so I took them to one of my favourite breakfast cafes here in Welly in the Aro Valley this morning. Nice and sunny out though I was impressed with them putting on their suncream for their walk... it wasn't that warm! After that we walked out to Hataiti through the horrible Victoria tunnel (lots of cars - yuck) to where the guys were taking part (still are as I type) their 12 hr mountain biking event. I did put on some cream on my face for that walk but it didn't even dawn on me to put some on the bit of my feet that were exposed to the sun. Had an enjoyable hour in the sun there as it was lovely atmosphere there actually.

I spoke, for the first time since I got to NZ to my sister in PHiladephila this morning. It was great to see her again. Of course at the time it was 8:30am Sat morning here so I wouldn't say I was looking my best. For Ciara on the other hand it wasn't even 3pm Fri and she'd just been to the airport to pick up her friend who's come to visit for the week. Quite disgusting really as even Carolyn, just off long flight looked better than I did. Well, I hadn't had my coffee yet!

Off out for a meal with the girls to Cambodian restaurant I was in a few weeks back. Looking forward to that though unbelievably sleepy now and it's only 6:30pm! OH well, I'm sure the food wil perk me up :-)

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