Saturday, 29 December 2007

Christmas Day in the sun...

is very odd! Okay, so it wasn't as warm as Christmas Eve but still very different to at home!
I flew down to Christchurch on Christmas Eve to spend a few days with some friends. I arrived to a beautiful afternoon where as soon as we got the house (after buying some beautiful fresh veggies) I was out in the garden in the sun with my book. So lovely. Christmas Day dawned bright but not as warm. To be honest I'm not sure that I feel like I've had Christmas as yet but that's okay! We ate Christmas dinner in the sun in the sun in the back garden (very odd that one!) and late afternoon we went down to the beach for an hour or so. Karen, Kaye, Karen's Dad and the kids went in to the water... I didn't :) It wasn't that warm so I actually just wandered down the beach snapping some pics and just trying to get my around the fact that I was on a beach on the 25th Dec.

Stephens Day was definitely cold... and wet! But wonderfully, it brightened up in the afternoon so there was a bit of a Texas Hold 'Em competition with Kaye and her Dad against Karen and her Dad with the losers having to cook dinner. Karen lost... badly. Sorry Karen but you did! In fairness we all ended up prepping the dinner - Kaye was on the barbie with Karen, Connor and myself in the kitchen. We had Robbie Williams - Sing when you're Winning, on and what I didn't realise was that as Karen and myself were bopping about the kitchen while preparing dinner, Connor had the video camera going! Oh well... :)

Friday was a scorcher so lots of lazing and reading in the garden before I flew back to Wellington last night. After a week of less than great weather in Wellington (or so I've been told) today was/is beautiful! I guess tomorrow i iron and pack before early start off to Cook Islands on Mon morning :)

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