Monday, 3 December 2007

Postage dates for Christmas...

Ooops... turns out that the date for posting stuff to Ireland to ensure guaranteed delivery for Ireland was Sat 1st December. What's worse is that I knew this for about a week before the last post date. But, well, I was busy and tired and just, well, lazy.

So Saturday it dawned on me that i had no cards and worse, no presents sorted! Both my sisters have been away for Christmas before and managed to get presents home for Christmas so it would pretty bad if I let the side down (and my God would I get grief over it). So, I headed out and about Wellington searching for presents. Well, here's the thing, New Zealand just isn't a shoppers haven. To make it worse one of the sisters lives in Philadelpha which is only about an hour south of any shoppers dream location, New York, and the other lives in Dublin which is pretty damn good in comparison to here! At least my brother, reliable as ever, sent on link to exactly what he wanted but these two decided to go for a "surprise" this year. In fairness, this years "what do you want for birthday/christmas present" email went along the same lines as every other year -
"Hi, how you? Any thoughts on what you want for Christmas/birthday? If you want a surprise that's cool".
The problem is I'm not sure I expected both of them to say "surprise is good". I guess my brother's response would be along the lines of "you reap what you sew" (which was his response when I told him I was ditching the Dell for a MacBook :-) )

So after a couple of hours shopping on Sat I'd bought one part of one present for one of the sisters and

  • Two ice breaker tops

  • One pair of shorts

  • One string top

  • One natural cotton tunic top

  • Not bad, except that everything in the list above there was for myself. Well I did finish purchasing a birthday present as well but that wasn't for anybody at home so doesn't count. Ooops.

    Sun evening (pre dinner cooking) contained some desperate Amazon browsing and brain racking. Discovered some non book site so purchase there as well. As I type one christmas card has been posted and beside me on the table I have big padded christmas envelope with santa and sleigh (like you'd need a sleigh here in summer.. but then Santa is in the sky so maybe that's why it's okay...) containing the one present (wrapped) and some kiwi tack (also wrapped) for the beloveds to fight over (the fight being who'll have to take the stuff :-) ) on Christmas Day. Oh, and the cards. Well, decided it would be better if everything is late or everything is early. No dribs and drabs.

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