Saturday, 26 January 2008

The Bag

Today I caved and bought The Bag. The Bag is something that I've been looking at every time I pass this bag shop on Lambton Quay for over a week now. In fact, I do believe it'll be a fortnight tomorrow that this sorry affair began. The bag was in a sale. It was half price. But I still felt it was too much. I went back regularly checking to see if it had been further reduced. No. Today I checked out some other bags (I specifically want something for hand luggage for my trip back in March) but no joy. Popped in to the shop again. Even put my MacBook in it... perfect size. Sigh. Hummed. Hawed. Brought it up to till and asked if there was any chance it would be reduced further. He looked at tag and said nope, it's half price already. We're losing money on it already (not sure if I believe that!) I mentioned that I'd been looking at this bag for a while now to which he said, "I know" :) Anyway, I bought the bag. Here it is...