Friday, 11 January 2008

The holiday...

I don't know where to start on this.
The Cook Islands consist of number of islands. Big coral reef. We spent first and last night on Rarotonga (main island with the "international" airport) and intermediate 5 nights on Aitutaki (aparently that's also an international airport... em right...)
Rarotonga resort... so so. Room first stay bit shabby. Second stay - definitely better. Large resort.
Aitutaki - beautiful from the air! Not much to do there but relax. It's lovely...

Aitutaki resort... so so so lovely :) Met at airport. Given bit of run down on resort on arrival there (involving 20 sec boat journey across to resort as it's on its own little island). Escorted to bungalow where luggage waiting. Bungalow on beach with view of water - v lovely.
We got some lovely sun and we get some rain. But it was pretty much always warm and as we were just there to relax it wasn't really a problem.

Bit of snorkelling combined with lagoon cruise last full there. Warm but not too sunny so no sun burn. Fantastic... even if I was a bit, well, hesitant, in the water! The coral was beautiful and as for the colour of some of the fish...
Our last day on the islands (back on Raro now) was a Sun so went to a CICC (Cook Islands Christian Church) service. Not like anything I've experienced before! Singing. Conducted in Cook Islands Maori and English. Members of congregation preach or talk as well. And all the guests, that was us tourists, invited in for a big spread in nearby hall afterwards.
Everybody is just so friendly over there... half the time I couldn't tell if everybody just knew everybody or everybody just talks to everybody... i believe it's the latter :)

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