Saturday, 9 February 2008

Cricket, Sausages and a few Salads...

Today I attended a cricket match and I have to admit that, as I suspect, cricket is not really what I'd consider a spectator sport! It wasn't actually the Blackcaps -v- England that I was watching but rather the two teams were made up with my work team mates :) I wasn't playing, instead being one of the official supporters... there were quite a few of us in that role - always important. It wasn't the sunniest day ever but it was still relatively warm so rather pleasant.

We'd all been invited to a BBQ in a colleague's house, where were told there'd be "sausages and a few salads". It was a while before we got to eat but as we sat there munching on our salads, sausages, burgers (veggie for us veggies), pasta and fresh potato salad, somebody rightly pointed out that if this was "sausages and a few salads" then she looked forward to being invited to a slap up dinner. Seriously, it was great. Freshly made guacamole on arrival with a glass of some lovely Astrolabe (white savvie) and lots of good conversation and then a lovely meal. Our car departed with a slice of vegan chocolate cake for me and a slice of carrot cake for the driver. The front seat passenger managed to resist the temptation to take any cake!


elhamisabel said...

I've never understood this game.
The only time I came in closer contact with it was when I watched Lagaan, a Bollywood film about a Indian village playing cricket against the English. As someone who didn't have any high opinions of Bollywood and no clue whatsoever about cricket it was a great disaster. ;-)
I've since come to actually like a couple of films made in Bombay but cricket is still a closed book for me. Nothing ever happens. Or does it? ;-)

Glad you had a good time food-wise! ;-))

paulkavanagh said...

Speaking of food, can you bring me home some Kiwi worms? I got a bit hooked on them :)