Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

Today is Waitangi Day here in New Zealand which basically means we got the day off work. A bit odd having a day off in the middle of the week but that doesn't mean that it wasn't greatly enjoyed :)
We headed out to Karori Wildlife Sanctuary which was fantastic. We got a talk from one of the volunteer workers at the start which was fairly interesting. I think what interested me most was the testing that they did with fence before installing it... all 8.6km of it. Basically by placing it near a dump they were able to determine how high it had to be, how much roof on it was required and how much floor (if that's the word to use) was required. All this to to stop cats, possums, weasels, mice from jumping and climbing over and rabbits from burrowing under.


There are loads of trails throughout throughout though we stuck to the easiest as I rather sillily had worn my birkenstocks rather than trainers. But next time :) Speaking of next time it won't even cost anything to get in now for the next year as annual membership is only $42! Great value if you ask me.


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