Thursday, 28 February 2008

Packing... again!

Why is it so hard for me to pack for any trip?? I'm trying to sort out stuff for my trip back to Ireland at the weekend. I have a bunch of clothes laid out on bed and I've no idea if what i've got is enough or right for the weather at home. The dress that I intend to wear to the wedding is not what you'd call Northern Hemisphere March weather but unless, between this evening and next Thurs when I fly to UK, my weight drops to what it was 6 months ago, I'm not going to be wearing the dress that I originally intended to. I've had no joy finding something else here so instead it looks like I'll be going with that rather nice summery dress I bought before Christmas! Oh well, at least I'll have my big brown puffy down jacket over it (I'm not joking! Sorry Va but I don't do cold very well... as I've discovered, and have had continually pointed out to me, very well) to keep me warm :)

And then there's the dilemna of the suitcase... I have two here with me; one hardshell and one soft case. They both have wheels but the soft case has long handle that pulls up so I don't have to twist and turn to pull. The hard shell would be a better one to use to protect the stuff that I have in the case but I can't do that twist/bending thing with back at the moment. I'm getting the lend of another hard shell which has pull up handle and so is easier to use. But... I think it's quite a bit smaller than either of my suit cases and well, not sure that will work either. I mean, I do plan to do a bit of shopping back in Dublin :)

And it gets worse.. there's the shoes issue! I'm somewhat limited in footwear at the moment. If it's flat I can wear it. If it's not I don't. Obviously, I intend to break that for the wedding... not sure my birkenstocks really go with the dress. Sure I can take the shoes off the minute I get to the reception. But for day to day stuff I don't really have much in the way of flat winter footwear. One pair actually. Oh well, I guess it makes a change from my previous packing dilemnas where I had too many shoes... but I so look forward to being able to to wear something other than my birkenstocks, the goldy coloured Clarks ballet style slipper or the cream shoes that I'm currently stuck with. I want to wear my funky, dead comfy (ordinarily) sandals I got in NY last March!!! Oh well, don't suppose I'd have been packing them right now even if I could wear them... suspect it's not quite that warm at home at the moment :)

Not to worry I'm sure it'll all work out in the end! And I have to admit I'm really looking forward to a good variety of tasty Irish, English and continental cheeses to tuck in to on my return. They just don't do as good a cheese over here ! Oh, and maybe some Valrhona chocolate too... yummy!!!

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