Saturday, 23 February 2008

The weather...

We had a lovely week of weather here in Wellington for the working week just past. Guaranteed, each lunch I grabbed a sambo and was out in the sun; particularly on Thursday when I was so tired (those tiresome rubbish collectors woke me at 4:15am again and unfortunately this time I couldn't get back to sleep). Only downside (apart from fact that I had to spend work day in office!) was that forecast for this weekend really didn't look good. Overcast and wet it seemed it would be. And that is it what it is in Rotorua, but not here in Wellington. Instead today has been a beautiful surprise with lots of sun and and it was sooo warm! I had lovely stroll (still no joy in finding a dress for the wedding (the one in a fortnights time!!)) and then headed down to sea front for some yummy passionfruit gelato. I love the gelato this place does... I've stood in huge queues there just for their gelato. Yummy :)

Rest of day has been, well, relaxing :) Bit of cleaning this morning, skype chat to the sis in Philadelphia (the Big Freeze arrived last night apparently), phone chats, emails, etc etc. All very chilled. Oh, and booked myself in for 45 min manicure tomorrow :) Guess I should start thinking about what clothes I need to bring pack to bring for next week! And shoes. And of course must leave enough space for the purchases that I hope I'll be making while I'm back.

Oh, and I'm off to Melbourne for the weekend at the end of April... really looking forward to that. Such a great city and apparently a number of excellent veggie restaurants! Needless to say it's important that I had something lined up to look forward to on my return from Ireland... I mean I know that there's the Bush Craft course the weekend before Melbourne but not sure that that's in the same category :)

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