Monday, 31 March 2008


Received list of gear that I need to bring (not shared gear yet) for bushcraft course in a few weekends. I'm surprised that I have a large percentage of the required gear (well obviously none of the food stuff) and I guess this is from day hiking. Glad they put toilet paper on the list (in a little waterproof bag) as I definitely would have forgotten that. I need to get a ground sheet this weekend, as well as a few other bits and pieces (just as well I wrote them down as I've forgotten already :) ) And I love suggestion to put sun lotion in to small container like old film canister (bet there's not too many of us out there who have one of them!).

Looking forward to it all though admittedly somewhat wary. Hope the river crossing skills done near the end of the second day... though this being NZ I very much doubt that will be the case. We'll probably do that early part of day 1 or something. Yummy... wet boots!

Fingers crossed horrible rain we've been having recently backs off a bit!

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The same but different said...

hope you enjoy yourself. have fun, the macphee's