Saturday, 1 March 2008


It would appear that my funky little MacBook is psychic... and moody! I sort of completed my packing this afternoon before flight tomorrow as early start and out this evening. The intention up until this point had always been to bring my macbook home with me in hand luggage. However, I was recently asked to a do couple of days work in Dublin office which I have no qualms doing. I've discovered that while people in office back in Dublin are willing to help with queries, so much gets lost over email and with the 13 hr time difference it's tough at times. So I plan to just catch up with relevant folk to query them on work stuff. Now that's fine but it means i need to bring my work laptop back with me too.

So, this avo, I made the decision not to bring my Mac Book. It was tough (I'm surprised how hard it was... the thought of not having easy access to my email or MarsEdit for my blog entries or iPhoto for all my photos... But I can only carry one creature in my hand luggage and much as I would prefer that to be this wee thing, needs must. So, I made decision and got work laptop and placed in hand luggage. I then turned around, and plugged my iPod in to MacBook to recharge before journey and to ensure I have all my latest podcasts for journey. I pottered off and did some other stuff and when I came back I realised that Apple was sulking. He was responding to nothing. Had to ring my local Mac Guru for help and all fine now. But, I swear, the timing of my deciding that this wee guy wouldn't be heading to Ireland with me and him freezing...! Hmm... maybe he's just highly strung :)

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