Wednesday, 26 March 2008

It's sunny!

After 3 weeks in a somewhat cold Dublin I'm back in a sunny and warm Wellington. In fact, I'm not long back from a walk where I looked forward to the bits where I was walking in the shade... and this was just along the first part of the Southern Walkway walk which while involving some decent uphill is still, at the end of the day, a walk in the city not up a mountain somewhere! Apparently the temperature here is on average 2 degrees higher than last year... about 23 degrees today. Anyway, hoping that the walk will help me sleep slightly longer than I managed last night... 2 am wakeup... sooo not impressed. I mean, yeah I do get shitty jet lag but the one thing that i used to be guaranteed was a good kip my first night on arrival where I'd arrived to. I managed to stay up until 10:30pm last night (I'm well impressed with that) as I didn't want to be going to bed too early, and then look at what happened! 2am for God's sake! What sort of time is that to be waking up I ask you?! At least I'm not back at work until tomorrow so tonight there'll be having stern words with myself if I wake up at silly hour like that.

While it was a tad on the cold side back in Dublin it was lovely to see people again (amazing how that time just wasn't enough to see everyone) and to get a bit of shopping in. If I'm to be honest I probably did more than a bit of shopping; I did quite alot. What stopped me buying any more was the fact that I had to get everything I bought back here. I did manage that though left some stuff back at house. Prob got have got a bit more in but it was suitcase weight I was worried about... damnit I had 1.5 kgs to spare! I also got a few concerts and a visit to the Chester Beatty library in too though unfortunately the first floor of the latter was closed. I didn't eat as much cheese as I expected while I was back but that's okay as I did get a few decent tuna paninis in which I'd been looking forward to. The coffee was very disappointing! Had some fairly nasty ones though Munchies on Baggot St do a fairly decent americano... and a tasty pain au raisin :) Oh, and I read 4 books while back (well including flight back here as well) which helps to make up for some of my poor reading lately. For anyone interested I read The Book Thief (beautiful book, highly recommended), Day by A. L. Kennedy (not a "can't put down" but still worth reading I think if a little hard going at times), The White Lioness (3rd in detective Kurt Wallender series; fantastic series!) and The One from The Other (Philip Kerr - detective Bernie Gunther who is post WWII private detective based in Germany. Great stuff).

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