Thursday, 24 April 2008

Always Take the Weather With You

In advance of my visit to Melbourne tomorrow my soon to be host, that's Sonya, has sent on weather forecast with of course my arrival/departure points... Note that my name is specified as Sonya felt the need to sent this on to a mutual friend (hi Veronica!) of ours back in Dublin... just to let her know what great weather I'd be experiencing :) Oh fun... as if I didn't get enough rain last weekend""

Thurs: Sunny and currently 25'c (fab day!!!)

Fri: 12 to 21'c … Late shower (Aoife arrives tomorrow evening)
Sat: 10 to 18'c .. Windy with showers
Sun: 8 to 16'c … windy with showers
Mon: 9 to 15'c … clearing showers (Aoife flies out that morning !!)

And then we start getting back to normal.. Up to 18 Tues and up to 22 on Wed !!!

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