Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I went along (finally!) to a Wellington BC meetup this evening. Very different to the Irish setup. For a start these guys are organised (sorry Dublin) and instead of having discussions on which date to meet up they go with the BC standard - second Tues of every month. I didn't even know that this concept existed until I got here! They meet at 5:30 so no hanging around town until 8pm as was the case for me in Dublin (in fairness nobody's fault that I lived in Wicklow, worked in town and so didn't have time or inclination to head back to Bray after work and then back in to town for 8pm). Actually a slightly later start wouldn't bother me here as I live in town :) But I can do 5:30 too. Unlike the Dublin meetings we eat dinner, have a glass of wine, have a few chats and then head home. I was home before 8pm this evening! Oh... and we have name badges with real name and screen name on them which definitely helps! I believe that alot of this organisation is down to Sherlockfan - thanks Sherlockfan!

Obviously as I'm not exactly zooming through books here, am only in to 382 out of 947 of my current read (Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra) and have about 9 books in my TBR list I obviously was not allowed take any books off table this evening. Em... I think that Sherlockfan, no matter how she denies, has secretly worked in sales in the past. I left with The Restraint of Beasts... we'll see how it goes :)

Now... back to House!

Oh, just one disclaimer... I know that I haven't been to Dublin BC meet up in yonks so I apologise (duck/hide) in advance if I've insulted any Irish BCers by indicating certain lack of organization on part of those meetings :)

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