Tuesday, 8 April 2008

IBS rant and bits of info

Last Thurs and Fri night I had two very bad nights. Bad for sleeping in that I didn't do much of it. In fact, one would think that after a bad Thurs night my Fri would have been great but it was worse. Actually I wasn't overly surprised as in the past when I've had bad nights they'll come in twos or threes (they're the really shitty ones) and then you get a good night and if it's a cycle you can hit a two or three again. Anyway, for me, these bad nights often trigger IBS symptoms which, when I'm suffering from it, I refer to as my "stomach is sore" even though it's not actually my stomach at all. I'm one of those people, who if going through an IBS flare up, my symptoms get worse as the day goes on as I have to eat but then that puts intestines in to motion which causes pain. Of course I could try not to eat but hey, if I eat irregularly even then that can cause flare up too so bit of a vicious circle.

So Sat afternoon I did a bit of googling. I've suffered from this for years but have had no investigation done in to it (having read what that might involve I ain't volunteering either) but as a result have no way to medicate this other than to just grin and bear it for the 3-5 days that it will go on for. I found that there are about 30 million sufferers in the US alone! And compared to some of them I'm such a mild case I nearly feel bad even writing this. In fact, not sure why I am writing it but I guess I've just read some things that I've discovered.

From "IBS Explained for People who do not have IBS"

IBS exhibits a predominance in women, representing over 70% of IBS sufferers.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is the catch-all diagnosis that is given to people who are experiencing symptoms, usually chronic, with their gastro-intestinal system that are not being caused by a known GI condition or disease.
Oh yeah, it's such a catch-all diagnosis. You get diagnosed and left to it. Only GP I've ever dealt with who tried to give me some specific medication was my GP in Scotland who explained it to me and gave me some anti-spasmodics. Didn't really work though...

I’m not using ibs as an excuse not to do things. Making plans to go out can be really scary when the symptoms (and the rules) can change at anytime. Please respect that there are times when I can’t go out, even if I want to. I don't think my friends ever think I'm using this as an excuse but I still hate having to cancel or postpone events because of this. I've felt so bad cancelling going out in the past because it's hard to explain to people, especially casual acquaintances, that you can't go out because well, your gut hurts. A lot. Sounds, so, well, like an excuse!

IBS is not ‘all in our heads’. It’s true that stress can compound the symptoms. But the "all in my head" routine makes us feel like we’re being called crazy. Believe us, we’re not crazy, we’re just not feeling well. Years ago somebody did make some comment along those lines to me. I guess that wasn't at one of the times where I couldn't sit or stand up straight because of the pain.

I also found a short snippet indicating that that some medical research had shown a link between bad sleep and an IBS flare up. All I could say to that was "tell me something I don't know!!!" I mean that was it. Nothing else to it. Not much bloody good as anybody who has experienced this would know it.

So, why am I putting this on my blog? Not really sure. Just something I feel like doing. When I say I my stomach is sore (note that bizarrely, when I am experiencing this pain in my abdomen, lying down helps alot!) I'm not trying to get out of prior plans; anybody who knows me should know that I'd just say I didn't want to do something if that was the case :)

Anyway, this isn't meant to some "woe is me" post; just some bits of info...


Lemonjelly said...

hey, keep up "the info" eefs.. hope all is ok...

eefa said...

oh i'm ok thanks. i mean it's dark by 7pm but what can you do when it's coming in to winter?!