Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Melbourne - Fri and Sat

Not quite sure if I'm in blog writing mode particularly to cover a whole weekend... I really think that the best way of doing this sort of thing is to write it as you go along! But I should at least try to get a few thoughts down.

Firstly I should say that I had a fantastic weekend even if my shopping mojo wasn't quite with me on Sun afternoon (such a waste but these things happen!) I arrived on Fri evening and flew through customs and my case was one of the first to come out which was great. I had odd experience with the whole seat thing for the flight though. When I was checking in I asked for an aisle seat but got told that there was only one left and it was in the back row. She didn't outright say that I shouldn't take it but indication was that it wouldn't be great seat. So I said, well ok a window seat would be fine. When I got to my seat which row was I in? Yup, the last row?!!! Main drawback of the last row is that the seats don't recline at all which in a 4 hr flight is a bit of a drag. Luckily I got my aisle (non back row) for return flight.

On arrival I got bus in to centre of Melbourne where I met up with Sonya. We used the city's fantastic tram system to get a tram to, eh, Sonya?, to get some dinner at one of the city's thousands of restaurants! I had aubergine schnitzel which was certainly something I hadn't had before though it seemed very similar to eggplant parmesan. Tasty but I couldn't finish it all and my one glass of wine.. i really felt it! I don't know if it was just because my body felt it was 2 hours later than it really was in Melbourne (2 hr time difference between Melbourne and Wellington - 2500 km distance too!) and/or the fact that I'd drunk hardly any water that day. But all in all rather tasty nonetheless :)

On Sat after a good sleep (I managed to doze until 8:15am Melbourne time!) we ate some brekkie and then headed in to Federation Square via train getting off at Flinders St Station. As I had responded to most of Sonya's suggestions/comments of the previous hour with a response of "sounds great... after coffee!" the first thing we did was, yup, you got it, get some coffee!

There was quite a bit of relaxed strolling around which I thoroughly enjoyed. I guess our plan was to stay relatively central in morning and afternoon before walking back to Sonya's (Cremorne) along the Yarra in afternoon and then head out to St Kilda for dinner that evening. As is the best way with these chilled days what happened was that we did a bit of browsing along with a quick visit in to Zu a shoe shop fave of Sonya's (not shopping day so just quick visit) and me putting aside pair of shoes for collection later and we then headed out to St Kilda for lunch. We ate in this fab veggie restaurant Soul Mama. The have this HUGE buffet style and we went for the medium plate which gives you rice (white, basmati or brown) and then four other portions so to speak. 'twas gorgeous as hopefully is indicated in photo here...

As the restaurant is all windows I can imagine that on a sunny day it really is a fantastic place to lunch. I mean I was enjoying it as it was but I could see how on a hot sunny day it could be quite breathtaking. As it was I couldn't quite say that I'd like to live in St Kilda... a tad shabby!

I really was rather full at the end of that but needless to say, as we were in the area it was sort of necessary to visit Acland St which apparently is famous for its cake shops... we did actually go in to one but I think the cakes looked better than they tasted.. at least mine did which is fine as I was so full anyway!

Back to Little Collins St to collect my *gorgeous* new shoes and then a quick demonstration by Sonya to indicate how out of the way some of Melbourne's bars are. This bar, the Croft Institute is something you'd never find if you hadn't been there before... trust me you walk down one alleyway, take a left in to another which then turns right and it's down at the very end. All this on uneven ground in the dark with big garbage bins for company. Great stuff!

Unfortunately just as we were heading back to walk along the Yarra the rain, which had been forecasted, started. Wasn't just a few drops but horrible wet rain and it was a bit chilly. So we decided to get the tram back. Dinner was a quiet evening down at the local which was lovely and chilled. Not the busiest place ever but not empty or dead and my salad wasn't too bad at all. The Pinot Noir was pretty horrible (I didn't order that) and had to be sent back but the Shiraz (is that what you had Sonya?) and my Savvie were both grand!

So at the end of that we headed back to the apartment and were in bed by 11:30 (which I felt wasn't bad for me as was definitely feeling a bit spacey!) :) All in all it was a really enjoyable day where I felt we saw lots but never felt rushed.

Sunday to follow...

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elhamisabel said...

Melbourne sounds well worth a visit. The veggie restaurant looks yummy and the cake shop too! Pity it wasn't tasting as good as looking.