Thursday, 17 April 2008

Muesli and water...

I'm definitely feeling a little nervous in advance of the weekend now. The weather has definitely got colder and wetter now and I'm in that scenario of not wanting to bring too much but also definitely not wanting to bring too little. I'd happily be skanky and not bring other stuff for evenings but to be honest there is a decent risk that I'll just be v wet by Sat evening. Of course the fact that we're sleeping in open, well under a fly, but definitely not in a hut does mean that even if I put on dry clothes I could just get wet again!
I'm looking forward to it and I have bought my group food and I have what appears to be rather a large of amount of snacks for myself but last thing I want is to find myself short of food! The one meal that I really don't like when tramping (the one other time I've done it of course!) is breakfast... muesli with water for me. Oh, and a banana for the Sat morning. Ironically I still have all my food in the fridge and I won't pack it until the morning even though it won't see a fridge again so I'm not sure if it's really necessary to wait until morning. And then there's the logistics of changing/not changing going straight from work. I *think*/hope that as we finish up where we start out (Holdsworth carpark) then I should be able to leave clothes on the bus... I certainly don't want to be carting them around. So maybe wear jeans to work and on minibus and then change at carpark and leave them on bus? Or not. Who knows? :)
Just so you know I did take some photos last night after sorting what I was bringing and placing on the couch... I just can't upload right now as camera is halfway down backpack... next week!!

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