Saturday, 12 April 2008


This is my third Sat back in Wellington since my return from Ireland and it's such a relief for it not to be raining! It's not that it's been raining consistently since I got back, not at all. But it has rained for the last two Saturdays so it's quite pleasant to have experienced a bright, sunny and relatively warm day :)

It's been a very lazy day that after a few work drinks last night as we have quite a few new folk on the team now. There's over 40 of us on-site these days which is pretty impressive considering we're on a customer site all doing work for that customer project! After drinks we just had a quiet meal in an Asian restaurant with very noisy crowd at the table beside us. A large meal wasn't required as fish and chips had appeared during team update meeting earlier in the afternoon (I'd passed on the fish but did eat a few chips and have some crackers and cheese), and then spent rest of evening relaxing to some lovely music before I kind of just fell asleep!

I did have plans of maybe doing my tax return today but instead had leisurely brunch in interesting cafe... instead of getting number to put on your table after you've ordered, a large plastic lizard was handed over! Odd... A few purchases were made - I needed new "comfy" jeans that I can wear with flat shoes as my other pair of comfy jeans got left behind in Ireland due to them getting slightly worn out (i.e. a hold developed in the ass of them!). The ironic thing is that the jeans that I bought aren't even one of the three pairs that I brought in to the changing room myself! While showing me to the changing room the sales assistant said he'd grab another pair that he thought might work. When I was paying I was just commenting on the irony of me buying pair that I didn't pick out myself and a shading of denim that I probably wouldn't have picked up either. He asked if I was okay with the colour and I said I really liked them on actually. His response was that his girlfriend is a red head too (that is second time this week that I've been referred to as a red head!) and same build so he reckoned he knew what he was doing! Though apparently he's useless at rock, paper, scissors... interesting the things you learn on a Saturday afternoon :) And I got some rather nice boots. And eh, oh just a ground sheet for bushcraft course next weekend. Nothing too exciting. Leisurely stroll home in the sun stopping for a yummy passionfruit ice cream from my fave ice cream shop in Wellington.

After that hectic day I'm totally shattered! Been a busy week and I'm a sleepy girl so early night tonight I think.


Anonymous said...

Just love that bushwalk style you have going there Aoife or Eefa! Looks like great fun. Sinéad

eefa said...

Hmm... I'm guessing that this comment was meant for my blog entry on bushcraft weekend. Now let's see if I can move it! Hope all good with you??