Monday, 14 April 2008

Sunday sun

This Sunday was a really lovely sunny day so headed out to Belmont Park for a couple of hours walk. Think the route we took is the Korokoro Stream Track though we walked as far as dam and then returned. Nothing too strenuous as mountain biking trail and no climbing. I wore my boots as I'll wearing them all this weekend and they haven't been worn since my one and only tramp in the Tararuas last November. Going from flat light summer shoes to walking boots? Hard... thick socks and they weigh a bit more needless to say! But guess I'll survive next weekend!

Lovely and sunny out with the sun jumping off the water. The stream was beside the route for the walk... it was gorgeous and just loads of trees and bush around. Much greener than I expected.


The dam wasn't overly exciting but it was so quiet and peaceful up there that it was really very relaxing. There were a number of fantails flying about and even though I really tried to get picture of them in action they're such fast little flyers that I quickly realised that I was never going to be able to get a picture of them... so just stood back and watched them zoom about the place playing!

Belmont - Reservoir.JPG

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