Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The trials and tribulations of Jeans shopping!

Decided that the jeans that i bought on Sat are too small... or at least they don't fall in to the "comfy jeans" category. I appreciate what the sales assistants mean when they say that you should buy jeans a bit tight 'cos the denim does stretch. But... I want comfy jeans and the ones I got just aren't comfy jeans. I tried on a pair which were the same as the ones I bought on Sat but which are one size up. The sales assistant weren't impressed. I agreed to try different style (wide leg) which ended up being the ones I exchanged for. It was quite amusing because the first pair in the wide leg style that I tried on was a hard denim but I thought they looked okay. Both girls just looked at me and asked if I could get my hand between me and waist band and when I said I could two pairs of eyes shot up to heaven. One of them nipped off and came back with a pair in the same style, one size smaller but in softer denim. They felt fine to me and the two girlies were happy that I now had a pair of jeans that fitted me and that I was comfortable in. So, all good :)

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Kathleen said...

I hate that and then when you wash them, they are so uncomfy that first hour or so! good luck this weekend - i have my own challenge, i sick kid and a baby, DAVES ESCAPED.