Sunday, 6 April 2008

winter and stuff

First 5 day week in the office in a number of months last week. It felt long. And now I've another about to start tomorrow. I guess I'd kinda gotten used to 3 or 4 day weeks.. this 5 day week lark seems a bit tough if you ask me... oh, you didn't ask? Fair enough.

Nothing thrilling to report. Feeling so so - that's what the end of summer and a 5 day working week does to a girl! Our clocks changed this at 3am this morning so that it was dark by 6:30 this evening :( But, I did get extra hours sleep which was greatly needed and appreciated :)

So, to fight the glumness of the approach of winter I'm looking forward to:

*) bushcraft course weekend of 18th April.

*) weekend in Melbourne visiting Sonya Anzac weekend.
*) 8 week Practical Psychology evening course starting 5th May (think that this could be really interesting as it's soooo different to what i do at work every day!)

*) One day Rock Climbing for Women course on 24th May - using indoor climbing wall, not actually going to be hitting (no pun intended) real rocks! This one I think I will find v. hard and not sure if I'll actually enjoy but seriously looking forward to it for some reason. I think my disastrous sense of balance and hating any sort of clambering or climbing over rocks when hiking/tramping is what's making to really want to do this course.

*) Potentially joining a squash club.

Speaking of squash, I headed along to an open squash day at my local (about 6 min walk from my home so can't get more local than that!) squash & tennis club this afternoon. It seems like decent club with 4 squash courts and lots of space. There was miniscule turnout so I guess I could have played lots but due to horrific lack of fitness and not wanting to piss my back off too much I contented myself with 25 mins at the end of which there was an interesting aroma emanating from my good self :) I haven't played for a couple of years and then I only played for one season (not competitively!) after break of about 14 years so I'm not what you'd call great! But I did enjoy and I was asking about other players of my level in club (yeah you learn by playing people better than yourself but if they're too much better then game is frustrating for both involved) but it was reckoned that I'd be good enough for lowest level of the intra-club league. Anyway, not 100% decided yet especially as I'd miss 8 consecutive club nights as psychology course on same evening but don't think that should be insurmountable problem!

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Kathleen said...

Funny i was just thinking the exact oposite yesterday. when will winter finally leave and we can enjoy spring....