Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Bookcrossing Kiwi Style

Not long back from a very enjoyable Wellington Bookcrossing meeting in Mac's Brewery. I was a late arrival at 6:15pm but that wasn't a problem and I was soon relaxing at the table with the others enjoying my glass of Pinor Noir (interestingly Mac's Brewery is relatively expensive by local standards, but the wine was nice :) ). I'd say I lasted about 10 mins watching everybody eat their fish & chips before I headed up to order mine. They do a lovely fish even if it's a less than healthy meal!

Lots of books on the table though as I'm still working my way through Sacred Games (see earlier post on this) and have a shelf of books to read I'm not taking anything. In fact I'm taking a break from Sacred Games and reading another Henning Mankell book but I'll be back to finish it after that. We may have a new recruit as well... the waitress clearing our table came back for a couple of books before they were all gone. She's currently staying in Nomads hostel and apparently there's not a great selection of books there.. so it was decided that that might be a good place to wild release again.

Later it was pointed out by somebody at the table that this place did good desserts. Needless to say, not to refer to stereotypes, but if one person at a table of women orders dessert, it wasn't long before we all, bar one, had ordered! This was mixed with lively discussion on Pride & Prejudice -v- Jane Eyre, The Time Travellers Wife (great book or not - not in my view), Dan Brown (awful stuff but very readable.. at least the Da Vinci Code was; the rest were not), and last of course, the movie version of Pride & Prejudice -v- the BBC adaptation. No bonus points for knowing which won :)

And I still have to post about last weekend, just not had chance yet as psych class last night.

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