Sunday, 25 May 2008

Climbing and the weekend...

Had a fabulous weekend even if the weather was crappy!
I was feeling pretty tired finishing work on Fri evening and really just wanted a quiet drink. There were folk going for a drink after work but they were heading to D4 which I reckoned would be quite busy on a Fri evening so I thought no. Then on the walk home (all 3 mins of it)I decided that I would go but I'd just nip up to New World first to buy some stuff to make sandwiches for Sat. So spent a v enjoyable couple of hours in D4 (actually got seats which was great, just unfortunately right in front of the live band!). There's no way that in Dublin I'd have the freedom of going home to sort some stuff for the following day and then be able to nip out to meet work folk for a drink; the joys of living centrally!

On Saturday morning I was up early enough (not 4am early!) to make my lunch for the day and then head down to Fergs for my rock climbing course at Fergs which is less than 10 mins walk from me :) There were two instructors, Liz and Phenella (sp??) and six of us on the course itself. We were there at 10am leaving at 3pm and I had a fantastic time. Interesting variety of reasons for why we were all doing the course and I certainly had a fantastic time. We just being shown harnasses, shoes etc and then some instruction on body position when climbing (keep bum tucked in, small steps, use your core; pilates folk will be familiar with this!, don't grab at hand holds etc). All really interesting and then we practised just going horizontally across the wall. And within an hour we were doing our first climb on a v easy wall.

I partnered with Rachel and she belayed first. Her job is to keep the rope taut while I'm climbing and then to control rope while I abseil down. I have to admit that I love the climbing part but definitely not so keen on the coming down part. I guess it's all about trust... though I was informed when I was belaying that I'm great at controlling rope when climber is coming down (and my hand hurt to show it too :) )

After that we did another wall or two and then it was suggested we try a slightly more difficult, but free, one. This would be a higher grade wall if we were doing graded climb (only using holds of one particular colour) but for a rainbow climb we should be able to make some attempt so off we went. I was first up and made some progress before feeling that I just couldn't go any further. Liz, our instructor came over and was so encouraging that I'd got so far and pointed out a hold I could use etc (she did this after lunch when I had real trouble on another wall and was going to come down; her encouragement meant that I carried on and touched the rafters at the top!) so I carried on another bit before really just getting stuck and coming down.
I felt great having got as far as i did but I was really shaking when I got down! Looking at the photos now it really doesn't look that high up but it really felt it and I was definitely feeling unsure and uncertain up there. But it was such an achievement... as was my rafter touching moment after lunch!

The rest of the girls on the course were great and one pair, Amy and Lena were in my view quite nifty and good!
So I'll definitely be wanting to go back though not sure if I ever see myself getting to the stage of wanting to climb real rock face! Unfortunately the club meets Mon evenings so I'll need to wait until psychology course finished (though wanted to do photography course after that) before I can go along. But the great thing about having done yesterday is that I know I can email the girls and see if somebody wants to go down sometime other than a Mon evening. And Amanda from tramping club is looking for a climbing buddy too...

So, on completion of yesterday afternoon I got back here, sent some texts, ate some food and went to sleep. I was exhausted both physically and mentally. Had relaxed Sat evening eating dinner (after getting soaked in the rain :( ) in Siem Reap a yummy cambodian restaurant and then had a tasty cocktail in the Matterhorn afterwards. For anybody interested it was a Passionfruit Bishop consisting of 42 Below Passion, lemon & orange juices, passionfruit syrup and chilled red wine. Don't think I prefer it to a cosmopolitan but seeing as my choice of cocktails is relatively limited it was nice to find something new!

Today was a fairly relaxed morning though the rain was bloody awful! And there was a fair bit of trying to find parking space, finding one, cafe full, find parking space elsewhere, cafe closed before we eventually got brunch on Oriental Parade!! I guess with the horrible weather there were more cars out and about than is usual on a Sun here in Wellington.

I would like to say that this afternoon I upgraded my Mac OS to Leopard, but that would be a bit of a lie so instead I'll say that this afternoon my Mac OS was upgraded to Leopard.. just not by me! Then a cold walk along the sea front. And now it's 6:30 and I'm getting peckish so I might go cook myself some dinner before ringing Mum to wish her a Happy Birthday.


Kathleen said...

good for you, i am sure the muscles are killing you now, another trip to the pools may be required!

eefa said...

Em yes, my arms/shoulders/abdomen are a tad achey :) I like your thinking for recovery though!!