Monday, 19 May 2008


at 9:35pm I get to relax for the evening!
After somewhat busy last couple of weekends and v busy last week I skipped psych course this evening to get back here to clean bathroom, unpack, tidy up a bit, do laundry and iron. I knew I had alot of ironing to do but I didn't realise I had quite as much as I had... I started ironing at the start of Bones at 8:30 and finished at the end at 9:30! Not fun. Even with my decent ironing board (had piece of shit for the last 8 months) I still hate ironing :(

And can you believe that I still haven't opened my parcel that arrived last Tues containing external hard drive for my Mac book. That's a task for tomorrow evening I think!

Starting to feel pretty tired at this point of the evening as well. Had the alarm set for 4:05am Sat morning for 4:20am taxi to airport. Even though I'm not known for being a heavy sleeper, and have only slept through an alarm twice in my life, and had set two alarms for Sat morning I still woke up frequently from about 12:15 onwards on Sat morning.. just in case both alarms decided to not work. Ridiculous. Arrived to a very cold (coldest May day in over 30 years!) and very wet Melbourne and was checked in to hotel room by 9:15am. Had lovely weekend shopping, resting, reading, eating and arrived back home at 1am last night. Early night tonight I think!

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