Friday, 23 May 2008

Four things in 10, 5, 1,...

The Same but Different tagged me to do this so here we go...

Four Things I was doing 10 years ago -
1. Working as a technical consultant in my first job and getting ready to relocate to Long Beach for 6 months..(see next point as to why this was delayed for 6 months)
2. Breaking my left foot in same the place that I broke the right one (or is vice versa?) at the end of my 2nd year at Uni.
3. Sharing hangovers with my flatmate on a Saturday morning.
4. Getting to visit lots of different countries in Europe and the US (and Sth Korea) with the job mentioned in 1.

Four Things I was doing 5 years ago -
1. Getting ready to start my new job after being out of work for 5 months (about 3 months after I'd taken out my brand new mortgage!)
2. Acting in my first play (very amateur dramatics :) )
3. Owning my first car
4. Joining bookcrossing and making some fab new friends!

Four Things I did Yesterday -
1. Had two Long Blacks rather than just my normal one
2. Emailed my brother and my sister (thank you Jill for replying... Paul??!)
3. Ate way too much bad food :(
4. Enjoyed two glasses of very yummy Two Hands shiraz with a mate from work after work in The Wine Loft.

Four Shows I like to Watch -
1. Morse
2. Lewis
3. Bones
4. Boston Legal

Four Things I Love to Do -
1. Spend time with people I care about
2. Walk
3. Read
4. Try new things (I'm slow to do this but love it at the same time... hence climing wall course tomorrow)

So now I'll tag An Cailin Elveiseach and Sonya in the Sun


Mormoltier said...

Wow Eef,
Some of those brought back memories. I cant believe Longbeach was nearly 10 years ago !!!! Where has the time gone.

Ill do this tomorrow. Hope all is well on the other side of the planet.


Kathleen said...

It's amazing to think back ten years and remember! tested my memory a little..