Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Grumble grumble...

Feeling somewhat disgruntled and tired today. Started to feel unwell last night (trust me I know there's something wrong when I go to bed rather than watch Boston Legal!) and no better today. Got up, phoned doctor to get appointment for this afternoon and then went in to work. Day didn't get any better in there so when I headed off to doctor I left the office for the day. Tonight I will be starting my 5th course of antibiotics since last October. Oh well, if that's the worst that's wrong with me I shouldn't be complaining really should I?

Now for the weather. What the hell is going on??! It's been raining lots since last Friday and it was v cold last night. This morning there was some lovely blue sky and a bit of sun so hopes lifted. That didn't last long, by midday the sky had got theateningly dark and of course, not long before the rain arrived. Please please please... can we have some nice sunny rain free weather for the weekend? Pretty please....?


Mormoltier said...

Hope you are feeling better Eefa,
how was the weather this weekend?
Mormoltier (who has burnt paws from 30 mins in the sun this weekend.)

eefa said...

Thanks :) Took a few days but okay now thanks. Though tired alot! Sorry to hear about the paws... silly mormoltier. One one think she would know better at this stage! Hope they get better soon!!!